Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

Footpath Reports

Work Party Report February 2016

October found us milling about at Fisher Lane and Tugley Wood in the deep southeast from Chiddingfold. We had waymarks, a fingerpost, a new footboard on a stile and some veg cutting to do on about three different footpaths. The hardest part was finding out where everything was supposed to go. We had instructions to fit a waymark post where a forest path left the main path to make sure people didn’t stray. We must have walked up and down the main path three or four times and could not find any sign of a second footpath, much less temptation to stray. In the end we decided the forest elves had reclaimed it and made it invisible to humans (strange things happen in the deep woods).

We liked Fisher Lane so much we returned in November, this time with four separate worksites a couple of miles apart. After much shuffling of people, cars and tools, three separate teams replaced steps on three stiles, installed a sleeper bridge, cleared vegetation and had our sarnies in the damp and muddy fields. Meanwhile, a ‘select’ team installed a new field gate at the bottom of the lawn in the garden of a large cottage and were served coffee, tea and biscuits by the owner (honestly, some people are just born lucky). However, it must be said that the whole work party got through so much work that month because we had a record turnout of 16 people—hurrah!

December found us at Gostrode Farm (across the road from the Rams Nest) where we installed two new stiles and repaired a third, whilst also installing a new fingerpost. Then we retired to the pub for our well-earned Christmas lunch.

January is our one month off but we will be back in February, raring to go.

Work Party Report June 2015

Well, the good news was that after a couple of months of our enforced idleness, Dawn duly started with Surrey County Council as replacement for NS as rights of way assistant and we managed to set up a work party for February over near Ewhurst.

The job was to replace an existing stile with a kissing gate, repair a sleeper bridge and remove a redundant stile. All of this was to take place in the far corner of a very rough quagmire, euphemistically described as a field. The contractors who had been instructed to deliver the materials obviously took one look at the field and dropped the materials next to the road. We managed to get the kissing gate moved by a friendly farmer but the sleeper bridge was cancelled. After this inauspicious restart to our workparty activities, Dawn handed in her notice because of a change in her husband’s job. So we went back down the snake and started again—no rep, so no workparties in March or April.

We now have AB, who has been appointed by SCC, and we are hopeful that normal working will be resumed starting in May. Here’s hoping.

Saturday, December 15, 2018