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Footpath Reports

Footpath at Winkworth Arboretum

Some ten years ago the National Trust closed the access off the Busbridge – Thorncombe Street footpath into the Arboretum and along the lower lake (now the wetlands), that joined with the still open public right of way running north – south through the arboretum.
This footpath is the subject of an Alleged Footpath Claim (CP 547) lodged in 2011 to re-establish it as a public right of way. If successful, it would re-create a loop out of Busbridge – Catteshall through the Arboretum, Juniper Valley and Hydons Ball, before one returns via Clock Barn Lane or across the fruit farm. At a time when this area has at last been recognized as part of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is most regrettable that such a circuit is no longer open.

We are looking for walkers, joggers, runners who were using this path 10, 20, 30 years ago, to come forward with witness statements.
Evidence Forms can be obtained either by contacting me on 01483 414778, or by contacting the Surrey Rights of Way team (www.surrey.gov.uk).

Ian W

Work Party Report - Jan 2014

This last reporting period began gently in October with the clearance of some vegetation and installation of a kissing gate at Gostrode farm (not far from Ramsnest). This was followed in November by a return to the Greensand Way at Witley station for another long section of revetment to allow the path to be raised over the bogs arising from winter springs. The soil was barely damp at the time but I was assured that the path was impassable in winter---- and it may well still be true, in spite of our work, given the rain we've had!

Finally our last work party of the year was to remove two stiles and install two kissing gates into the fence line on the Greensand Way at Bowlhead Green. Now normally when we have to dig in the footings for new gates the soil is either rock hard or filled with rocks / bits of old concrete. This time it was like digging in a well-tended garden with a fine, soft, and easily dug loam. In fact, Mike P even revealed another of his hidden talents by turning Archeologist and finding a complete pair of glasses which the land owner must have dropped down the hole when he installed the stile over twenty years ago. Then, knock me down with a feather …. the landowner and her husband turned up with flasks of coffee and “biscuits”!!! to thank us for our hard work! We were then able to present her husband with the spectacles he had lost years previously. After all that excitement we adjourned to the pub for our Christmas lunch.

So you see even the work party can be blessed by dry weather and suitable approbation for only minimal work with plentiful refreshments, so why not come along and join us ...or just cheer us on!

Jim Chipchase

Saturday, December 15, 2018