Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

We travelled to Portsmouth Harbour by train and and caught the Fast Cat ferry from there to Ryde. Many of us sat on the sundeck as by now it was warm and sunny. It remained so for the rest of the day. From Ryde we bounced along in the train to Sandown for the start of the walks. There were 17 on the short walk, 15 on the long one and one non-walker who travelled around by bus. Both groups followed the same route.

The long walkers set off from the sea front at Sandown ten minutes before the short walkers and walked on the coastal path to Ryde. They covered eleven miles. The short walkers returned to Ryde by bus after eight miles. Back in Ryde 23 of the 33 on the trip stopped for fish and chips. The long walkers arrived first because the other group missed their bus.

After Sandown our next stop was by the monument on Culver Down. From here we could see the Spinnaker Tower and the South Downs. Heading downhill we turned inland, off the coastal path, to pass the Bembridge windmill and continued on to Bembridge Point, our stop for lunch. It was high tide and the sea looked inviting. Several wished they’d brought their swimming costumes. Just as we were about to leave, the short walkers arrived for their lunch.

After lunch we continued on the coastal path past Bembridge Harbour and across a causeway to St Helen’s Duver, once a Victorian golf course, now owned by the NT. By the sea front we paused to look at a tower, the remains of St Helen’s church. It was replaced by another one further inland in the 18th century. Three quarters of a mile offshore is the St Helen’s Fort. In the summer when the tide is at its lowest, there is a mass walk from the shore to the fort and back.

The coastal path returned to the seashore in Seaview at Nettlestone Point. Here we stopped for more refreshment before continuing along the coast back to Ryde.

Here are some photos of our day.

Saturday, December 15, 2018